Friends who lift you up

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It is unfair to write earlier “Do you have friends like that” without giving special attention to people who lift us up.

I have a special place in my heart for all those who were there, at a certain time, for a certain reason, in my life, no matter how brief. They may have helped me in my personal growth, my abilities, knowledge and skills, encouragement, wisdom, cheering for my successes, in short who had made me what I am today. Even those who laughed at me, for my stupid ideas, or any shortcomings I may have experienced.

I thank you all.

It’ll be a long list but just to mention a few.

My dearest parents who brought me out and up. (what a hugh effort to train up a dumb monkey into a thinking ape 🙂 ) 

To all my teachers & lecturers, I sincerely thank you for your effort imparting knowledge to us. I have learnt both the right and the not-so right. (I knew it long before Robert Kiyosaki wrote the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” about the education system. luckily I did not follow the system thoroughly, otherwise I will still run the rat-race unawarely.)

Marcus Bennett who was my sifu in computing. (we write some great little software which has a name today-virus and worms. ours were mild then with no bad intention)

Arden Khoo who brought my interest back into photography and initiated this blog. (now we’re looking into fine arts nude photography, shhh… No la.. neither me or Arden going to be the model. 🙂 Any volunteer?)

David Gee a buddy whom we did almost everything from A to Z and been through countless ups and downs. (thanks for being there all these while.)

Marcel Ho who taught me patience. (he is always there for me, absorbing my bullshit, through thick and thin.)

Mr. & Mrs Sonny Ho whom I respected a lot and thank you for being my mentor. (your guidance is invaluable to one’s life and living)

Dr.Aziz & Kak Saleha who share health and nutritional knowledge unselfishly. (it is my turn now to help more in terms of health awareness. we are all indebted to you.)

Maria Liew is my grumbling bag, not punching bag. (she is a friend who earned my respect, she listens and advise straightforwardly without reserved. need that caning once in a while)

Steven Tan is a brother who guided me on health via chinese 5 elements. (great to have someone who share the same passion and walking the life path together. thank you. the real show has not started yet.)

Chin YS is a brother and I can share issues that are up or issues that are down. (thanks for being there for me. maybe we are soul-mate.)

Loo Lian Seng is my closest college mate whom I have been through a lot thriftily in United Kingdom. (he’s a great cook. kind of miss his cooking, everything-in-one-bowl. those were great times, pal.)

Alex Ho & Jane Chuah for being a friend and your support. (they are always there for me whenever I am in KL)

Ooi Teik Lee & Raymond Neogh for making Vietnam feeling like my second home. (we’ll enjoy more of life in the whole world in time to come. let’s go for it, brothers.)

All who trusted me, I thank you for your support, unconditionally. You will always be there for you. Let us strive to a higher quality lifestyle. (that’s the time you can throw away your noisy alarm clock – si-pe-luan)

Those who never thought I could substance into anything. (I did well and became “self-unemployed” since Nov 1995 until now and counting..) I thank you too for turbo-charging my desire for success.

Those policemen who had stopped me and forced me to speak Bahasa Malaysia. (for your info, my Bahasa is so lousy that I get away with traffic offenses by trying to explain to them in Bahasa.) The most fluent phrase I can cope with is “u mau tulis, tulis.. jangan cakap banyak. u punya mulut macam ayam punya pongkok..” I can say all that in 2.5seconds. But be warn, this gotten me more summons after summons.

In case I missed out some precious friends, it was unintentional and I apologies. Without anyone of you, my life would not have been complete.

I love you all. 


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