Food we had in Alaskan Cruise

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Ok, allow me to start by highlighting the word Salmon, it is pronounced, without the L, as sámmən.

I was introduced to salmon, both the fish and the word, when I was in England and was taught the right pronunciation. Still, there are some who laughed at me even though they themselves are saying it wrong.

Doesn’t this resemble life? When those who “don’t know” is trying to stop those who “know” from doing something? Isn’t this painful? Especially when those who “know” lack confidence, their decision and direction would have been changed, hence their health and lifestyle.

Back to food.

We had our Salmon Bake at Skagway. That’s fresh salmon.

They are served with Brown Sugar, Lemon and Butter sauce. Recipe!!!

They are baked with charcoal.

Yes, it’s bacon! 😛

Canadian bacon with mesh potato and some kind of sauce??

My favourite.. some kind of fresh salmon pate with toasted buttered french loaf.

Served at Gala Dinner. Fresh lobster perfectly done.. the best lobster meat I have tasted so far.

Ok. Ok. I admit, that’s not all the dishes we had in the 8 days cruise. I missed out a lot being greedy. So pardon me, ok? But it was so so.. goood.

I had too much that now, when I see salmon, I’ll run away. This will last a while I supposed. Hopefully not too long. 🙂 Still love salmon.


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