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No, I didn’t spell wrongly…

It was a 3-day event that take placed once in 2 years. Where all tribes and natives of America assembled in Juneau to do a cultural show; exhibiting costumes, singing and dancing. Apache is one of the native was there. Anyone interested? Visit Juneau in 2010 June.  


It’s peace time. Yes they have time to make children.  


The head gear is real wolf skin; over there probably the fake is more expensive.   


It was an honour that they taught me how to say hello to each other. They howl. That’s right they use howling as greeting. You need me to do that, “ahh wuuu…”. Satisfied? A word of advise, don’t invite them to your grand parents house, the old folks may think it’s the presence of ghosts.  


I told them a joke. There was a little red indian boy asked his mother, “how did I get my name?” And the mother brought him to the window and explain. “You see.. when a child is born, we (red indians) instantly look out of the window and named them after the first thing we see out of the window” says the mother.

Mother continues to explain to her son, “When your grandfather was born they saw the wind blowing the grass, so he is named ‘Windy Grass’. They saw a bear running across the field when your dad was born, so your dad name is ‘Running Bear’.. Do you understand now, ‘Two Dog Fcuking’?” If you feel offended then don’t look out of the window next time your child is born, ok?   


Mrs. Beh gave it her best shot too.  


They have very nice head gear.  


Any longer, he may never be able to look up, and never be happy.  


See, what I told you.  


This don’t look like a warrior but the wise-man or medicine-man.



Careful, don’t lean down to kiss her from nowhere, it may caused your eye ball.  


This one is wise, he countered back.   


Yes, I agreed, he probably just arrived on his motorcycle wearing a helmet.  


I know he looks worried. His mother may be after her salad bowl.  


Nice, uniformity always looks nice. (by the way the one on the right is on wheel chair)  


No you can’t get them in Nike nor Adidas.  


It’s a celebration for all. I was lucky to be there. Thanks to the organiser.


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