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Ouch!! GOUT…

Congrats to all who suffered gout before. I’m not being cruel but it’s the byproduct of “good” life, “good” living with “good” food. These people are usually overweight, inactive, highly stressed, eat anything they like, even double portions, alcohol drinkers, don’t like to drink water, medicine poppers, low kidney functionality, high blood pressure, diabetics, think they are doing all the right thing of watching food – so called Low Uric Diet. Are you being described here?

Lately, I got my blood test and my Uric Acid is high, higher than the upper limit. I am determined to lower it and I will definitely achieve it. Hope the information and the way I am going to deal with it can benefits some readers.

To start with, stop blaming it on hereditary. “Oh.. my dad has it so I can not avoid it..”; “Well, it runs in the family..” I am not saying it does not contribute; but it is your life, we can better it with our own control and lifestyle. If you still want to blame your family tree, please read no further. The rest of the ariticle means nothing to you. Save your time and go for your seafood instead. Bye..

Ok, for those of you who passes this point, I respect you for taking full responsibility for your own self. I will make it simple and brief, and as least painful as I can.

From food, be it beans, some vegetables or meat, we consumed purines. While purines are broken down, Uric Acid is the waste product. With the help of digestive enzyme – “Uricase”, our body get rid of Uric Acid mainly through kidney as urination.

Chemical Structure of Uric Acid

When there are excessive Uric Acid, complexities happened. Most common one is Gout, where joints are inflamed due to the crystalisation of Uric Acid crystals. It will usually starts from small joints like toes or fingers; severe cases can be the collar bones; simulating a heart attack.

The most common solution at this point is pain killer drugs, Allopurinol, Colchicine, Vioxx the list goes on.. Are they really the cure for high Uric Acid in our body? No, drugs are only temporary measure, to relief pain, maybe to reduce the formation of uric crystals for a short period of time. But, their side-effects should not be ignored, for they have a big part to play in your health deterioration.

The known reasons for high Uric Acid are as follows:-

  • high consumption of Uric Acid food, red meat, seafood, certain vegetables and giblets;
  • kidney failure;
  • associated to high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes & atherosclerosis;
  • overweight;
  • stress;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • food allergies;
  • low potassium, due to dieting (not knowingly the more one control, the worse one’s condition gets;
  • medication; diuretics – weight loss, antibiotics, rheumatoid arthritis, beta blocker – high blood pressure and the list goes on.

As the lists tell us that medication for Gout does not serve as a permanent remedy but temporary with side effects. I am not going for the drugs (pain killer) but knowing that if attack ever happen high dose of Vitamin B, C and Calcium/Magnesium 3-5 times a day will help.

From now on everyday I will:-

  • drink at least 6-8 ounce of mineral water (NOT distilled or R.O. water);
  • take high potassium food (but be careful of banana for sugar);
  • more fruit & vegetables (can keep Uric Acid from forming crystal);
  • drink freshly squeezed lemon juice in lukewarm water;
  • go for high fibre diet (low G.I. – Glycemic Index)
  • supplement after every meal with
  • B Complex (if needed B5 for short term remedy)
  • Vit C (with BioFlavonoids)
  • Fish Oil
  • Calcium/Magnesium
  • Lecithin E
  • not forgetting my exercise, at least a 30min hike or run, at least 4-5 times weekly.

Let’s do it together. Even if you don’t have Gout problem now, follow these steps can prevent it. This article is very condensed, many issues are not being mentioned. Do contribute and tell us how you have been doing it. Most welcome are grandmother’s tale of dealing with illness of any type.

Tune in for our feedbacks and improvements.


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Most beautiful woman in Alaska

Ok. Ok. I have been asked several times, did I took the pictures of the most beautiful woman in Alaska or in this trip?

The answer is yes. I was reluctant to show and wanted to have her picture all to myself. Since friendship is still the most important of my life, I agree to show.

But… I need some time to search for it. Please be patient. It’s definitely well worth the wait. Good things in life is worth the wait.

It’s here.

Take a deep breath.

Hold on to something.

It might sweep your feet off the ground.



I bet you, after watching this for a while, a short while, this image stays in your mind for a long long time. I have no problem recalling this image at will. Sure you will too.

This must be First Impression, and this is an excellent illustration to prove that. Keep your front teeth, but go out and make an impression, through your positive attitude, your charisma and attire.

Enjoy yourself, the image gift I had delivered to you.

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Blue Ice in Alaska?

Are they really blue?

Yes, they are.

I took a helicopter ride to the Glacier and these are what I saw.




We are made to wear those ice shoes, wrapped outside of our original shoes. Really grippy on ice!



The Excursion cost US$289 per pax. I drank 2 mouthful of Glacier water. They’re mineral water, the best drinking water for our well being. Working mathematically, each mouthful cost me US$144.50. I rather get a eSpring water treatment system, serious!

The reason the ice and water is blue, because it is compressed ice, with little or no bubbles, the light has to traveled longer and all other spectrum of colour has been absorbed, except blue. So blue colour is being emitted. Water and Ice that you drink is still colourless, not blue.

It is okay if one does not understand. Just like Electricity, even if one don’t understand it but one still benefits from it. You can turn on or off an electrical appliance and it’ll work for you. Likewise in some businesses, one don’t have to know the mechanics of it but following a successful mentor and leader in the field, you too can be successful.

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