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How America got its name?

Christopher Columbus was a food lover. When he was sailing, he always had a Hong Kong Chef on board the ship.

One day in 1492, they discovered land seen from a far. All crew and Columbus was exited and trying to name the “new-found-land” while approaching it. They were naming while Columbus rejected all.

This Chef was woken up by all these noise and and walked up the deck while grumbling in Cantonese “係乜嘢來咔?” (hai mat-je lai kaa). This is translated as “What is it?”. And that truely caught Columbus attention, and ask the Chef to repeat. So he did, “係乜嘢來咔?” (hai mat-je lai kaa). Immediately Columbus knew this is the name for the newfoundland. So its named… America.

It’s shocking isn’t it? To know America came from Cantonese.

But don’t ask me the name of the Chef. No one remembered.

Moral of the story: Be the best you can be, only the best are remembered. Columbus and America are remembered but not the Chef. I am sure you can’t name your great-great-grandfather, unless he left you millions. If you want to be remembered, leave a legacy.


Wednesday 18 June 2008 at 8:00 am 2 comments

Kids are getting more intelligent.

Over hearing conversation of mothers about their children. Kids are getting more intelligent these days.

I was not that bad either. I remembered in my Kindergarden class we were asked ” What is a heart?”.

Some answered, “heart is red colour” and “heart is of this shape” while the hands showing the arch of a shape of a heart. After these 2 answers, everyone already put down their hands, except me.

Teacher then ask me for my answer and I said “Heart got legs..” and the whole class laughed their heads off. Teacher stopped their laughters and ask me to explain and I did.

Slow and innocently, I said “I over heard my daddy telling my mummy, “Sweet heart, sweet heart, open your legs…” The teacher had a weak legs and fell on the floor.

Later years, recalling my Additional Mathematics class, one day when the lesson getting tougher and tougher, some students were sleeping, some copy everything regardlessly, but I was spitting into my palm and tap on my forehead.

Teacher soon discovered my action and ask me what was I doing. I said this Maths is getting harder to understand and I can’t get them into my head. Then I spitted again and tap on my forehead. Teacher angrily said “..if you can’t get it in, just ask me, you need not have to put saliva on your head.”

The class laughed again. Teacher insisted that I explain my action and I did. I said “My mummy said to my daddy, if you have problem getting in, just put some saliva on your head.” This teacher looked blurred, obviously she didn’t understand a thing, so was I then.

I sure understand now. Do you?

p.s. It is a joke, don’t ask my parents please…

Saturday 17 May 2008 at 11:00 pm 2 comments


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