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Natural Cure for Cancer with Sour Sop (Ang Mo Durian)

How many people died in vain while this billion-dollar
drug maker concealed the secret of the miraculous Graviola tree?

If there ever was a single example that makes it dramatically clear why the existence of Health Sciences Institute is so vital to people like you, it’s the incredible story behind the Graviola tree.

Sour Sop

The truth is stunningly simple: Deep within the Amazon Rainforest grows a tree that could literally revolutionize what you, your doctor, and the rest of the world thinks about cancer treatment and chances of survival. The future has never looked more promising.

Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to…

  • Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss
  • Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections
  • Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment
  • Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life

The source of this information is just as stunning: It comes from one of America ‘s largest drug manufacturers, the fruit of over 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970’s! What those tests revealed was nothing short of mind numbing… Extracts from the tree were shown to:

  • Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer.
  • The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug!
  • What’s more, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells. It does not harm healthy cells!

The amazing anti-cancer properties of the Graviola tree have been extensively researched–so why haven’t you heard anything about it? If Graviola extract is as half as promising as it appears to be–why doesn’t every single oncologist at every major hospital insist on using it on all his or her patients?

The spine-chilling answer illustrates just how easily our health–and for many, our very lives(!)–are controlled by money and power.

Graviola–the plant that worked too well

One of America ‘s biggest billion-dollar drug makers began a search for a cancer cure and their research centered on Graviola, a legendary healing tree from the Amazon Rainforest.

Various parts of the Graviola tree–including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit-seeds–have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. Going on very little documented scientific evidence, the company poured money and resources into testing the tree’s anti-cancerous properties–and were shocked by the results. Graviola proved itself to be a cancer-killing dynamo.

But that’s where the Graviola story nearly ended.

The company had one huge problem with the Graviola tree–it’s completely natural, and so, under federal law, not patentable. There’s no way to make serious profits from it.

It turns out the drug company invested nearly seven years trying to synthesize two of the Graviola tree’s most powerful anti-cancer ingredients. If they could isolate and produce man-made clones of what makes the Graviola so potent, they’d be able to patent it and make their money back. Alas, they hit a brick wall. The original simply could not be replicated. There was no way the company could protect its profits–or even make back the millions it poured into research.

As the dream of huge profits evaporated, their testing on Graviola came to a screeching halt. Even worse, the company shelved the entire project and chose not to publish the findings of its research!

Luckily, however, there was one scientist from the Graviola research team whose conscience wouldn’t let him see such atrocity committed. Risking his career, he contacted a company that’s dedicated to harvesting medical plants from the Amazon Rainforest and blew the whistle.

Miracle unleashed

When researchers at the Health Sciences Institute were alerted to the news of Graviola, they began tracking the research done on the cancer-killing tree. Evidence of the astounding effectiveness of Graviola–and its shocking cover-up–came in fast and furious…

…The National Cancer Institute performed the first scientific research in 1976. The results showed that Graviola’s “leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells.” Inexplicably, the results were published in an internal report and never released to the public…

…Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, yet no double-blind clinical trials–the typical benchmark mainstream doctors and journals use to judge a treatment’s value–were ever initiated…

…A study published in the Journal of Natural Products, following a recent study conducted at Catholic University of South Korea stated that one chemical in Graviola was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at “10,000 times the potency of (the commonly used chemotherapy drug) Adriamycin…”

…The most significant part of the Catholic University of South Korea report is that Graviola was shown to selectively target the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched. Unlike chemotherapy, which indiscriminately targets all actively reproducing cells (such as stomach and hair cells), causing the often devastating side effects of nausea and hair loss in cancer patients.

…A study at Purdue University recently found that leaves from the Graviola tree killed cancer cells among six human cell lines and were especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers…

Seven years of silence broken–it’s finally here!

A limited supply of Graviola extract, grown and harvested by indigenous people in Brazil , is finally available in America . The full Graviola story–including where you can get it and how to use it–is included in Beyond Chemotherapy: New Cancer Killers, Safe as Mother’s Milk, a Health Sciences Institute FREE special bonus report on natural substances that will effectively revolutionize the fight against cancer.
This crucial report (along with five more FREE reports) is yours ABSOLUTELY FREE with a new membership to the Health Sciences Institute. It’s just one example of how absolutely vital each report from the Institute can be to your life and those of your loved ones.

From breakthrough cancer and heart research and revolutionary Amazon Rainforest herbology to world-leading anti-aging research and nutritional medicine, every monthly Health Sciences Institute Member’s Alert puts in your hands today cures the rest of America –including your own doctor(!)–is likely to find out only ten years from now.
You need the Health Sciences Institute in your life because you and your loved ones deserve to know–and you deserve to know it NOW!!


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Celeste Worl Studio

No, I didn’t spell wrongly…

It was a 3-day event that take placed once in 2 years. Where all tribes and natives of America assembled in Juneau to do a cultural show; exhibiting costumes, singing and dancing. Apache is one of the native was there. Anyone interested? Visit Juneau in 2010 June.  


It’s peace time. Yes they have time to make children.  


The head gear is real wolf skin; over there probably the fake is more expensive.   


It was an honour that they taught me how to say hello to each other. They howl. That’s right they use howling as greeting. You need me to do that, “ahh wuuu…”. Satisfied? A word of advise, don’t invite them to your grand parents house, the old folks may think it’s the presence of ghosts.  


I told them a joke. There was a little red indian boy asked his mother, “how did I get my name?” And the mother brought him to the window and explain. “You see.. when a child is born, we (red indians) instantly look out of the window and named them after the first thing we see out of the window” says the mother.

Mother continues to explain to her son, “When your grandfather was born they saw the wind blowing the grass, so he is named ‘Windy Grass’. They saw a bear running across the field when your dad was born, so your dad name is ‘Running Bear’.. Do you understand now, ‘Two Dog Fcuking’?” If you feel offended then don’t look out of the window next time your child is born, ok?   


Mrs. Beh gave it her best shot too.  


They have very nice head gear.  


Any longer, he may never be able to look up, and never be happy.  


See, what I told you.  


This don’t look like a warrior but the wise-man or medicine-man.



Careful, don’t lean down to kiss her from nowhere, it may caused your eye ball.  


This one is wise, he countered back.   


Yes, I agreed, he probably just arrived on his motorcycle wearing a helmet.  


I know he looks worried. His mother may be after her salad bowl.  


Nice, uniformity always looks nice. (by the way the one on the right is on wheel chair)  


No you can’t get them in Nike nor Adidas.  


It’s a celebration for all. I was lucky to be there. Thanks to the organiser.

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Food we had in Alaskan Cruise

Ok, allow me to start by highlighting the word Salmon, it is pronounced, without the L, as sámmən.

I was introduced to salmon, both the fish and the word, when I was in England and was taught the right pronunciation. Still, there are some who laughed at me even though they themselves are saying it wrong.

Doesn’t this resemble life? When those who “don’t know” is trying to stop those who “know” from doing something? Isn’t this painful? Especially when those who “know” lack confidence, their decision and direction would have been changed, hence their health and lifestyle.

Back to food.

We had our Salmon Bake at Skagway. That’s fresh salmon.

They are served with Brown Sugar, Lemon and Butter sauce. Recipe!!!

They are baked with charcoal.

Yes, it’s bacon! 😛

Canadian bacon with mesh potato and some kind of sauce??

My favourite.. some kind of fresh salmon pate with toasted buttered french loaf.

Served at Gala Dinner. Fresh lobster perfectly done.. the best lobster meat I have tasted so far.

Ok. Ok. I admit, that’s not all the dishes we had in the 8 days cruise. I missed out a lot being greedy. So pardon me, ok? But it was so so.. goood.

I had too much that now, when I see salmon, I’ll run away. This will last a while I supposed. Hopefully not too long. 🙂 Still love salmon.

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Other things I see in Alaskan Cruise trip











Simple things in life can be beautiful.

Beauty also comes from simple things in life.

Stop missing out on those things in your life.

Then life will be simply beautiful.

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Alaska, here I come…

I’m all packed and ready to leave for my Alaskan Cruise.

For your info, my camera equipment weigh more than my other stuff. Hmm.. I think it’s worth it. If not, what am I going to do when all my friends locked themselves lovey dovey with their partner in their cabin? I rather go shooting. Shoot them also if their rooms are not locked. So watch out friends who traveling with me. It’ll be fun to be a Paparazzi sometimes. 😉

So guys, keep a look out. I will be posting pictures soon. But also bear with me, this will be my first time posting pictures, not sure how it is done… yet.

So catch up later. Bye…..


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Friends who lift you up

It is unfair to write earlier “Do you have friends like that” without giving special attention to people who lift us up.

I have a special place in my heart for all those who were there, at a certain time, for a certain reason, in my life, no matter how brief. They may have helped me in my personal growth, my abilities, knowledge and skills, encouragement, wisdom, cheering for my successes, in short who had made me what I am today. Even those who laughed at me, for my stupid ideas, or any shortcomings I may have experienced.

I thank you all.

It’ll be a long list but just to mention a few.

My dearest parents who brought me out and up. (what a hugh effort to train up a dumb monkey into a thinking ape 🙂 ) 

To all my teachers & lecturers, I sincerely thank you for your effort imparting knowledge to us. I have learnt both the right and the not-so right. (I knew it long before Robert Kiyosaki wrote the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” about the education system. luckily I did not follow the system thoroughly, otherwise I will still run the rat-race unawarely.)

Marcus Bennett who was my sifu in computing. (we write some great little software which has a name today-virus and worms. ours were mild then with no bad intention)

Arden Khoo who brought my interest back into photography and initiated this blog. (now we’re looking into fine arts nude photography, shhh… No la.. neither me or Arden going to be the model. 🙂 Any volunteer?)

David Gee a buddy whom we did almost everything from A to Z and been through countless ups and downs. (thanks for being there all these while.)

Marcel Ho who taught me patience. (he is always there for me, absorbing my bullshit, through thick and thin.)

Mr. & Mrs Sonny Ho whom I respected a lot and thank you for being my mentor. (your guidance is invaluable to one’s life and living)

Dr.Aziz & Kak Saleha who share health and nutritional knowledge unselfishly. (it is my turn now to help more in terms of health awareness. we are all indebted to you.)

Maria Liew is my grumbling bag, not punching bag. (she is a friend who earned my respect, she listens and advise straightforwardly without reserved. need that caning once in a while)

Steven Tan is a brother who guided me on health via chinese 5 elements. (great to have someone who share the same passion and walking the life path together. thank you. the real show has not started yet.)

Chin YS is a brother and I can share issues that are up or issues that are down. (thanks for being there for me. maybe we are soul-mate.)

Loo Lian Seng is my closest college mate whom I have been through a lot thriftily in United Kingdom. (he’s a great cook. kind of miss his cooking, everything-in-one-bowl. those were great times, pal.)

Alex Ho & Jane Chuah for being a friend and your support. (they are always there for me whenever I am in KL)

Ooi Teik Lee & Raymond Neogh for making Vietnam feeling like my second home. (we’ll enjoy more of life in the whole world in time to come. let’s go for it, brothers.)

All who trusted me, I thank you for your support, unconditionally. You will always be there for you. Let us strive to a higher quality lifestyle. (that’s the time you can throw away your noisy alarm clock – si-pe-luan)

Those who never thought I could substance into anything. (I did well and became “self-unemployed” since Nov 1995 until now and counting..) I thank you too for turbo-charging my desire for success.

Those policemen who had stopped me and forced me to speak Bahasa Malaysia. (for your info, my Bahasa is so lousy that I get away with traffic offenses by trying to explain to them in Bahasa.) The most fluent phrase I can cope with is “u mau tulis, tulis.. jangan cakap banyak. u punya mulut macam ayam punya pongkok..” I can say all that in 2.5seconds. But be warn, this gotten me more summons after summons.

In case I missed out some precious friends, it was unintentional and I apologies. Without anyone of you, my life would not have been complete.

I love you all. 

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