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Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe & Nara, Japan






















Saturday 6 December 2008 at 7:00 pm 1 comment

Blue Ice in Alaska?

Are they really blue?

Yes, they are.

I took a helicopter ride to the Glacier and these are what I saw.




We are made to wear those ice shoes, wrapped outside of our original shoes. Really grippy on ice!



The Excursion cost US$289 per pax. I drank 2 mouthful of Glacier water. They’re mineral water, the best drinking water for our well being. Working mathematically, each mouthful cost me US$144.50. I rather get a eSpring water treatment system, serious!

The reason the ice and water is blue, because it is compressed ice, with little or no bubbles, the light has to traveled longer and all other spectrum of colour has been absorbed, except blue. So blue colour is being emitted. Water and Ice that you drink is still colourless, not blue.

It is okay if one does not understand. Just like Electricity, even if one don’t understand it but one still benefits from it. You can turn on or off an electrical appliance and it’ll work for you. Likewise in some businesses, one don’t have to know the mechanics of it but following a successful mentor and leader in the field, you too can be successful.

Wednesday 9 July 2008 at 7:00 am 1 comment

Friends on the Cruise

In random ordering,,,

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 3:00 am 2 comments

Food we had in Alaskan Cruise

Ok, allow me to start by highlighting the word Salmon, it is pronounced, without the L, as sámmən.

I was introduced to salmon, both the fish and the word, when I was in England and was taught the right pronunciation. Still, there are some who laughed at me even though they themselves are saying it wrong.

Doesn’t this resemble life? When those who “don’t know” is trying to stop those who “know” from doing something? Isn’t this painful? Especially when those who “know” lack confidence, their decision and direction would have been changed, hence their health and lifestyle.

Back to food.

We had our Salmon Bake at Skagway. That’s fresh salmon.

They are served with Brown Sugar, Lemon and Butter sauce. Recipe!!!

They are baked with charcoal.

Yes, it’s bacon! 😛

Canadian bacon with mesh potato and some kind of sauce??

My favourite.. some kind of fresh salmon pate with toasted buttered french loaf.

Served at Gala Dinner. Fresh lobster perfectly done.. the best lobster meat I have tasted so far.

Ok. Ok. I admit, that’s not all the dishes we had in the 8 days cruise. I missed out a lot being greedy. So pardon me, ok? But it was so so.. goood.

I had too much that now, when I see salmon, I’ll run away. This will last a while I supposed. Hopefully not too long. 🙂 Still love salmon.

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Alaskan Animals

It’s not as easy as one thought of getting a good shot of animals. Whale watching, for example, it’s time consuming. It’s a test of patience, waiting with no sign or whatsoever, then suddenly popped out from nowhere. If you have a slow cameras (automatic point & shoot), too bad. All you likely to get is the after effect – then subsiding ripples.

I took a boat, pretty costly, very cold and breezy. By the time the whales decided appear, your fingers would have been frozen. But there’s nothing to complain about. If the weather wasn’t cold, the whale would have not been here. It’s part of the game and fun.

Here are a few shots of their tails. They can measured to 15 feet width.

Killer Whale family. (courtesy of picture from May Lee, thanks)

Other animals.. Bald Eagle. Easier to shot them standing then flying.

Shot this picture of the bear while riding an antique train to White Pass (the summit of Skagway). Quick and ready finger is needed.

The close encounter…

They have pussy cat too… 🙂

Tuesday 10 June 2008 at 8:20 am 2 comments

The Cruiser to the Last Frontier – Alaska

One of the newest high tech cruiser from Royal Caribbean Cruise, the Serenade of the Seas.

Boarding this ship at the port of Vancouver.

It has a capacity od over 2,000 passengers.

Has one the latest technologies and able to sail nearest to the glacier.

The main hall at Desk 5 called the Centrum.

Started building in 1999, start cruising at year 2003.

Able to cruise at max speed of 25 nautical knots per hour.

Silhouette of the first sunset of the cruise near Vancouver.


Another sunset.

Okay, these are posted while transiting in Hong Kong. There’s more to come. Tune in soon…

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